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whats good im a fucking corvid who goes by crow and dave. co/cor or it/its only. | twitter by the same handle | 19 | about me


heres a doodle of lil cal from homed stuck but human

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An enthusiastic yeehaw from your local nonbinary lesbian (they)

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this is my oc cael omisha!!

he has marie antoinette syndrome and is soft boy beneath a punk exterior

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Can people reblog this so i can find active users

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An Anonymous user asked:

Other than PornHub, a potential buyerr for Tumblr is the guys behind Cards Against Humanity. What would you do if they offered to buy Waterfall instead?

staff -

If it was the CAH guys, they're one of two entities I'd feel comfortable leaving WF to (the other being Keanu Reeves). Obviously it depends what the actual offer is, but their ethics and overall outlook are definitely one I could get behind and they'd probably do the community right.

An Anonymous user asked:

one of my biggest issues with tumble and pillowfort is that they didn't care too much about the younger people using their sites being exposed to p*dophillia (with tumblr doing nothing at all about it and pillowfort claiming that "13 and over is okay). how does this site plan to deal with that issue if it occurs?

staff -

We have an explicit ban on NSFW art or fiction featuring under 18s (on both moral and legal grounds), and I'm actively banning any blogs that ignore this rule. In addition, any blogs describing themselves as "MAP-positive" or "MAP-friendly" (as well as, obviously, the paedophiles themselves) that get reported are being nuked with extreme prejudice.

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*Sees a post with 100 notes on tumblr*: hm, okay, a fair number of people have seen that but it's nothing interesting. I've seen posts with over 1000 times that many notes.

*Sees a post with 100 notes on waterfall*: WOW THATS A POPULAR POST! Did Thell rb it or something because THAT'S A LOT OF NOTES!!!

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Coffee is the true herald of the waterfall.

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if you use tumblr i come into your house tell you waterfall is way better make myself a cup of coffee then leave

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slaps my head

this bad boy can fit so much stupid inside of it

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the only discourse i want to see on this site is the about the best way to cook eggs

its scrambled

greatkingrat -

It is clearly scrambled with cheese.

monsterofwisewomen -

soft boiled! 7 minutes!

floffybean -

Hard boiled!! Eat with soysauce!! What are you all doing???

altava -

soy sauce?? wtf?? i say scrambled with lots of cheese and black pepper

goat-ish -

Omelet!!! or a simple tortilla made of eggs, but with a good thickness

coffeedad -

y'all sleeping on eggs in a basket

coffeedad -

also tamagoyaki!!!

coffee -

obviously you eat it any way its served like a good trashcan

txrntechgxdhead -

yall fuckin know its fried with a fuckton of spices, thats the best way

my kender warlock and their patron, The Positive Plane,

i am now............................ bee themed

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Who else is up this late???

coffeedad -

clown hours

vii -

it's only 8pm rn so i've got a fair way to go yet orz

coffeedad -

it's.. 330am here 🤧

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4:35 babes

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Hey, so, medical side of Waterfall. I have a problem. When I close my eyes, I can’t see?? Is this like a vitamin problem??

If it helps, I have two eyes, and when my eyes aren’t closed I can usually see.

Asking for a friend, here.

disasterbisexual -

I diagnose you with eyelids

altava -

everyone here is just so eager to interact with each other and make friends, it's a very good energy

altava -

suddenly checking tumblr feels mundane and purely habitual. am i the only one in this boat?

lime -

ill be honest i havent looked at tumblr for months unless waterfall is being slow and even then its barely

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the gay is stored in the you

i only remember one of the ocs in this image- the blonde, her name is willow, she's 22 and she's a sex worker!

the other gal is a half-elf librarian with a coffee addiction, i love them both

2/3 of ozzy albero! this time godtier

some info on him--

+ he's genderfluid

+ he's a witch of time

+ he uses a fucking magic sword

1/3 of my fankid, ozzy albero! i use him to rp a lot on mxrp

A little character of mine. She’s a wizard!

Me and my friend have been watching a lot of sailor moon lately which made me wanna draw serenity, something I’ve never done before, and I think it awoke something deep inside me like some sort of shoujo anime russian sleeper agent and I ended up covering the whole page in roses and sparkles

coffee -

You know how rats paws are so fucking tiny compared to their fat little bodies?